medical oncology

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is a discipline which deals with the systemic therapy of cancer including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapies, supportive care and bone marrow transplantation.
A medical oncologist is a physician, responsible for the management and oversight of a patients Chemotherapy regimen, the complications, given over the course of several weeks, months, or years.

Chemotherapy is a method of cancer treatment in which anti-cancer drugs are given intravenously, by injections, or by mouth. Anti-cancer drug referred to as chemotherapy are special drugs which can only be prescribed by a doctor, trained in this speciality. They are used to control and eradicate cancerous cells throughout a patient’s body. In the last two to three-decade chemotherapy has made a significant impact on the overall survival of many cancer patients.

How is Chemotherapy Administered?

Chemotherapy administration is complete in several treatment cycles. Depending on the doctor’s prescription and how the patient body reacts, chemotherapy can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly followed by a period of rest. This period of rest is vital to continuing chemotherapy because it allows the body to recover and rejuvenate to produce healthy new cells.
Chemotherapy administration is through, the following ways:
  • Intravenous (IV): The chemotherapy is administered directly into the vein.
  • Injection (Intramuscular – IM): The chemotherapy administration is by an injection into the muscle.
  • Oral: The chemotherapy in pill, capsule or liquid form is to swallow.
  • Intra-arterial (IA): The chemotherapy is administered directly into the artery.
  • Intra-peritoneal (IP): The chemotherapy is administered directly into the peritoneal cavity comprised of organs such as the stomach, intestines, and liver.
  • Topical: The chemotherapy in a cream form is to apply on the skin.

What We Do?

Our thrust is to use the latest protocols of treatment at a reasonable cost.
Our specialized work includes solid tumours like:
  • Breast
  • Gynecologic malignancies
  • Colorectal
  • Lung
  • Prostate
  • Head & Neck cancer
  • Brain tumour
  • Neuroendocrine tumours
  • Renal tumours, etc.

Use of targeted therapies and monoclonal antibodies in various cancers.

We implant long term catheters (Ports) for safe and painless chemotherapy.

Precision Cancer Care at Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital

In recent years, cancer treatment and therapies have progressed significantly. Countless patients heal, while others lives have been extended far longer than possible with these advanced treatment options.

S.C.C.H provides comprehensive cancer management powered by a multi-disciplinary opinion of surgeons, radiation oncologists to give better care to patients, clinical excellence, world-class technology as well as international protocols. Sanjeevani stands at the vanguard of treatment excellence offering precision cancer care for all types of cancers for all age groups and genders.

We follow recommended protocols to maintain uniformity of treatment. Our nurses are well trained, proficient, committed to administering chemotherapy. They regularly undergo training for better care.

Faculty Team


 (Chemotherapy specialist)

Gold medalist in MD & 16 subjects of MBBS

8 Years of experience in medical oncology


MD (Radiotherapy) from King George's Medical University, Lucknow. DM (Medical Oncology) from Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati. Bone marrow transplant training at TMH, Mumbai. 10 years of clinical practice experience. 



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