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Dr Yousuf Memon

Director & Oncosurgoen

Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital (S.C.C.H.)

was founded in 2006 by Dr. Yousuf Memon with a vision of catering tertiary care to all cancer patients under one roof.

S.C.C.H. is acclaimed as Chhattisgarh’s first, oldest & most advanced hospital in its league, to set up a complete tertiary care center exclusively for cancer. Sanjeevani lays the foundation of the thought that cancer is treatable if diagnosed early at an affordable price.

We are equipped with 120 beds the latest and the best technology, manned by a large pool of India’s renowned professional and supported by a dedicated team of Medical and Paramedical Professionals.

S.C.C.H. offers a specialty in health care of international standards with world-class clinical care & an outstanding patient experience matching those of the world’s best hospitals. At S.C.C.H. every aspect of your care is coordinated and the team of professionals work together to provide exactly the care you need.

Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center, USA

Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center (CBCC) is a state of the art Cancer Specialty Center in Bakersfield. CBCC's philosophy is to treat patients just like they themselves want to get treated. CBCC has been no 1 accrual site for UCLA & Bristol Myers Squibb. CBCC has placed more patients on clinical trial than Memorial Sloan Kettering, a large New York base cancer research facility. CBCC has been the first center in the globe for Electronic Medical Records by Varian Medical System. CBCC is a role model and the future of Oncology care.

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