A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for many however, the patients must understand that cancer is a treatable condition if detected early.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you must ask the following questions to your doctor for a better understanding of your condition:

1.     Where is the origin of the tumour?

2.     Has the tumour spread anywhere?

3.     What does my diagnostic report show?

4.     What is the best treatment plan for my condition, and what would its goal be?

5.     What would be the response to this treatment plan?

6.     Will the treatment be painful?

7.     What is my long-term prognosis?

8.     What are the possible side effects of this treatment?

9.     How will the treatment affect my quality of life?

10. How can I keep myself healthy during the treatment?

11. What are the precautions that I should be taking?

12. Is it hereditary? Will my kids get affected?

13. How will this treatment affect my daily life? Will I be able to work, exercise, and perform my usual activities?

14. Can I have a normal diet? Is there any special diet that I should plan for myself?

15. Do I/ family need psychological counselling?


A. No, outside food & beverages are not allowed in the hospital. We have a dietician on board who will plan the patient's meal according to his/her diagnosis & underlying medical conditions.

S.C.C.H. possess a multicuisine cafeteria to serve freshly prepared delicious gourmet meals & quick bites for the patients & attendants.  

The cafeteria is open from 08:30 am - 03:30 pm &  5pm-9pm.

Visitors are welcome.




  • Please carry an original & a photocopy of an updated identity card (like Aadhaar card, PAN card, Driving license, Voter ID, Passport) of the patient & the attendant who is coming to the hospital.
  •  Please fill the requisition form given by the Medical Record Department (M.R.D.). 
  • The patient's treating doctor will sign on the form after which it will be submitted to the M.R.D., and a set of photocopy of the patient's medical record will be given to the attendant. 

A. We accept cash, cheque, all types of debit & credit cards, online payment via google pay, phone pay etc. 

  • Any identity proof
  • Previous health record
  • Previous investigation reports
  • List of medication the patient takes at home.
  • If the child is below 5years his/her immunisation record.

  • Please inform the treating doctor about the patient's 
  • Family's medical history
  • Previous medical illness
  • Last hospitalisation & reason for the same
  • Any existing medical condition like diabetes, asthma, thyroid or any other disease. 
  • Allergy to any food product, cloth material, medicine
  • If the patient consumes any Over The Counter (O.T.C.) products
  • If the patient consumes any herbal, ayurvedic, or homoeopathic medicine
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