People's nutritional state can protect or predispose them towards a chronic disease. Balanced nutrition is essential for good health, physical growth and development, as well to regulate the necessary body processes. Medical treatment for several conditions like obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, renal dysfunction include diet therapy.

  Thus, nutrition is both a preventive and therapeutic science.


Indian Meal Plan for Cancer Fighters

Cancer patients struggle to maintain adequate nutrition owing to multiple reasons like general disinterest in food, reduced appetite, altered taste due to treatment, side effects like vomiting and diarrhoea or intolerance to regular food. Lack of adequate nutrition results in further problems for the patients as it affects their general condition making them weak and vulnerable to more side effects and infections.

The purpose of a diet plan is to ensure that the cancer patient improves their food intake. This will reduce the risk of interruptions in their scheduled anticancer treatment, thereby improving the treatment outcomes and their overall quality of life.

How much nutrition do we need?

It is generally recommended that a cancer patient should consume calories 25 to 30 kcal per kg of their weight, per day.

Proteins are the most important component of their diet It is recommended that the patient has five to six smaller meals per day, as opposed to three large meals.

Physical activity like walking and light exercises will improve your appetite and help you consume the complete calorie intake recommended for you.

What to eat A balanced diet for cancer patients will include more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It is important to include adequate amounts of water in the diet.

The below ideas are for cancer fighters on active treatment. If you have other conditions such as diabetes, you will need to consult your doctor or dietician before you follow a meal plan.

Snacks or small meals For breakfast, tea-time snacks or snacks between meals, you can draw inspiration from these lighter dishes. It is considered good for you to have more number of smaller meals rather than three large meals, With small meals, focus on increasing the protein intake.

Below is a list of quick bites that will help you do that.

  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Peanut butter
  • Cheese
  • Sprouts
  • Uttapam
  • Dahi Vada
  • Smoothies
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