Medical Oncology


Medical Oncology is a discipline which deals with the systemic therapy of cancer including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapies, supportive care and bone marrow transplantation.

Chemotherapy is a method of cancer treatment in which anticancer drugs are given intravenously, by injections, or by mouth. Chemotherapy is often used in conjunction with radiation therapy and surgery, as a multimodality therapy. Anticancer drugs are special drugs which can only be prescribed by a person who has been trained in this specialty. These may cause certain serious side effects, which may become life threatening if not detected in time and treated promptly. In the last two to three decades chemotherapy has made great impact in the overall survival of many cancers.

Our Objectives:

  • Ensuring appropriate administration of chemotherapy by trained Nursing Staff.
  • Increase the strength of Nursing Staff by increasing training facilities.
  • Increasing awareness among residents so as to enhance quality care.
  • Defining an oncology nurse and its role.
We are Having:
  • Experienced team of nursing staff
  • Use of infusion pumps to deliver chemotherapy
  • High dose chemotherapy for Solid Tumors
  • Targeted drug treatment
  • Use of chemoports and longlines.


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