Breast-Saving, Breast Cancer Treatment in Chhattisgarh

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Breast-Saving, Breast Cancer Treatment in Chhattisgarh

Dr. Arpan Chaturmohta, Senior Surgical Oncologist, Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital in Raipur shared his insight about breast cancer. 

What is breast cancer?

Dr. Arpan explains that it is a disease in which the cells in the breast proliferate uncontrollably. There are various types of breast cancer. The type of breast cancer is determined by which cells in the breast develop into cancer. Breast cancer can start in any part of the breast. About 4 women get breast cancer every 1 minute and one in every 28 women in India is likely to get breast cancer.

Breast cancer symptoms and risk factors

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in India. For early detection, it should be kept in mind that there is no lump in the breast, there is no thickening or fatness in the skin. A lump in the armpit area, or a sudden change in the size of the breast, discharge or blood from the nipple, or retraction (inward stretching) of the nipple can also be a symptom of breast cancer.

There are several identified risk factors for breast cancer in women such as family history, mutations in genes such as BRCA1, BRCA2 and P53, prolonged exposure to endogenous estrogen, premature onset of menstruation, late menopause, these include using the birth control pill, and using hormone replacement therapy. Other lifestyle risk factors include alcohol use, physical inactivity, obesity and short-term breastfeeding. Counted among one of institute for the best cancer treatment in Chhattisgarh, Sanjeecvani CBCC USA Cancer hospital in Raipur offers Ultrasonography, biopsy, FNAC or MRI as well as PET scan for early detection of breast cancer and finding out its precise stage. 

Breast-saving, breast cancer treatment in Raipur

He further added that PET scan can also detect whether a breast cancer is multifocal or not. If it is multifocal breast-saving treatment is usually avoided. Breast-saving treatment is done with the help of frozen section technique. If we save the breast without the help of frozen section, then the chances of the disease coming back are very high.

With the help of a frozen section, we find out that if there is an extensive DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) component, then breast-saving treatment is not recommended, as it can make the disease return quickly, and that breast may need to be removed later. Breast-saving treatment should be done after considering both of these tests, so that the treatment will offer better results. He shared that more than 3000 breast saving treatment have been performed in Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital in Raipur with the above-mentioned advnced technique.

Breast cancer diagnosis in Chhattisgarh

Dr. Arpan said that earlier chemotherapy was needed in all women in cases of breast cancer, now with the help of advanced tests like Oncotype DX, MammaPrint, CanAssist, and ProSigna, the need for chemotherapy can be reduced down to 50 to 70 percent. Cancer can be reduced and completely treated in its early stage. In the early stages, breast cancer can be treated with localized USG guided coil localization or shape tattooing even after giving it chemotherapy. That is why as soon as you see any symptoms of breast cancer, you should immediately go to your doctor for a checkup and seek medical advice.






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