Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Prevention

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Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Prevention

What is breast cancer?

A kind of cancer that is known to usually develop due to cancerous growth of cells in the breast. It can affect both men and women, but it affects women far more frequently. Usually, the major portion of breast lumps are not found to be cancerous (malignant). Non-cancerous tumors in breast are abnormal growths which are known to not spread anywhere else other than the breast. Although they are not life threatening, some benign breast lumps can increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. Any breast lump or change should be evaluated by a health care professional to determine whether it is benign or malignant (cancer) and whether it may affect your future cancer risk. 

Breast cancer warning signs include—

Unusual lump found in the area of breast/underarm (armpit).

Unusual swelling/thickening found in any area of breast.

Breast skin irritation or dimpling.

Redness/flaky skin found in any area of breast.

Pulling in of the nipple occurrence of pain in the area around nipple.

Unusual nipple discharge (blood).

Any change in the breast's size or shape.

Breast pain.

In case of presence of above-mentioned breast cancer symptoms, it is advised that you book an appointment with a cancer expert right away. 

What are the breast cancer risk factors?

According to Dr. Yousuf Memon,Senior Cancer Surgeon at Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital in Raipur, your risk for breast cancer is caused by a combination of factor, such as: 

Breast cancer risk Factors that you are beyond your scope of changing

Growing older 

Genetic alterations

History of reproduction: Initial menstrual cycles before the age of 12 and menopause beginning after the age of 55 expose women to hormones for a longer period of time, increasing their risk of breast cancer.

Having a large breast.

Breast cancer, ovarian cancer or certain non-cancerous breast diseases in one's family.

Previous radiation therapy treatment.

Breast cancer risk factors that you may be able to do something about

Being physically inactive.

Obesity or being overweight after menopause

Using Certain Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

History of reproduction: Having your first pregnancy after the age of 30, not breastfeeding, and never having a full-term pregnancy can all increase your risk of developing breast cancer.

Being an alcoholic: According to research, the more alcohol a woman consumes, the more likely she is to develop breast cancer.

Other risk factors for breast cancer, according to research, include smoking, exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, and changes in other hormones caused by night shift work.

What to do in case of breast cancer symptoms?

Do not ignore it. Early detection can save your life. Consult a doctor immediately. The sooner you get yourself screened the better the chances of completely successful treatment.


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